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 The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation (ETLF) honors the memory of Emmett Till who, at only 14 years old, was kidnapped, brutally tortured, lynched and killed in 1955 during a racially-motivated hate crime. Our mission is to bring truth, justice and healing, which can mean a full accounting of crimes committed and exhaustive investigations, to the families of victims of unsolved murders committed during the civil rights era. This era is roughly 1954 to 1969 but suspicious cases through December 31, 1979 can also be reopened. The ETLF is committed to educating communities about this era, demonstrating its parallels today, building an intergenerational knowledge that stresses the importance of: never forgetting the past, engaging in non-violent justice and building a legacy.

We also are committed to educate, equip, inspire and empower today’s youth, women and their families for a better tomorrow. While, collaborating with others and connecting to the broader struggle for peace, nonviolence, civil and human rights, social and economic justice, criminal justice reform and the fight against hate that impacts us all.

An Artist, An Activist, An Urgent Film

“A Mother Knows’ came of a viewing of the new film Till, from director Chinonye Chukwu. Till is an emotional film about the true story of Mamie Till-Mobley’s relentless pursuit of justice for her 14-year old son, Emmett Till, who, in 1955, was lynched while visiting his cousins in Mississippi.

“The Till tragedy transcends time and reminds us of the importance of understanding the history of the birth of the civil rights movement. Till is a film of tremendous significance in the canon of American cinema. Danielle Deadwyler’s deeply moving performance as Mamie Till-Mobley speaks profoundly to a mother’s love and devotion to her son, to her community and to all of humanity.”   - Miles Regis

“Orion Pictures was created to make space for everyone, especially voices and stories so often ignored. As we launch Till, being in this space has given us the opportunity to connect with community on an American story honoring a far too little known Civil Rights Icon in Mamie Till-Mobley. What Miles has given us with his original work celebrating the love between mother and son and the courage of Mamie-Till Mobley is absolutely an artivist piece that will both inspire consciousness, and be recognized for its powerful beauty for years. We thank Miles for donating portions of the profits to the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation.” 

-Alana Mayo, President MGM’s Orion Pictures

 “We were so honored that Miles connected with TILL and created this arresting visual representation of the film. As an artist and activist, Miles’ work is of seminal importance, and we are thrilled with the way he was able to encapsulate the themes of the film and support the work of the Emmett Till Foundation.”

-Chinonye Chukwu, writer/director Till

 “More than ever, we need to  keep making art as a compliment to activism as it has been for centuries  before us.  Our family and foundation are honored Miles Regis was so moved and inspired to create “A Mother Knows” to honor Emmett and Mamie as well as their story in Till.  It’s wonderful we can use this beautiful and modern tribute to Mamie to raise funds for the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation.”

- Deborah Watts, Co-Founder and Cousin of Emmett & Mamie Till


 See the TILL Trailer 

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