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Rock and Roll Photography and Artwork

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Contemporary Fine Art from FATHOM Exhibitions & Special Collections

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FEATURED: Photography Pioneers

Fine Art Photography Curated for Your Home and Workspace

Images from the Dawn of Photograohy

FATHOM Goes Deep (and wide)

Art publisher, gallery, and studio, FATHOM dives deep into the art ocean. Because we have a passion for all types of art, you never know what might hang in the gallery next or who we may choose to publish. If we love it, we'll share it. We work directly with over 70 artists or their estates so most of the art on FATHOM is published in partnership with the artists who created the work. We also source images from museums, and private art collections.  


Our mission includes discovering exciting new artists and photographers, revisiting masters from the past, and rediscovering the giants of film, fashion, music, graphic design, plus… We’ve also developed a knack for unearthing lost archives and a passion for restoring vintage art and photography. The goal of these Archive Editions is to help these legendary artists be rediscovered and ensure that their important work is preserved for future generations.  Learn More Here


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