• Rest In Power Eddie Van Halen

    6th Oct 2020

    Rest In Power Eddie Van Halen

    We've lost another giant of Rock N Roll and not just that, one of those rare individuals who changed the game. Rolling Stone called him, "the legendary guitar innovator and virtuoso."Indeed.…

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  • Punk Rock Zen | On View   6.27 & 6.28

    23rd Jun 2020

    Punk Rock Zen | On View 6.27 & 6.28

    FATHOM is pleased to present Punk Rock Zen | Harmony In Chaos. A deeply personal art exhibition from renowned graffiti writer and street artist SEL (aka Marcel Blanco). The work, created for this…

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  • Happy Birthday Prince!

    7th Jun 2020

    Happy Birthday Prince!

    Two new, never printed images of Prince from 1983-84. Selected today from the Archives of Richard E. Aaron and Jeffrey Mayer -- two of the most comprehensive Rock 'N' Roll photography archives in exis…

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  • Connection | Artist Statement

    7th Jun 2020

    Connection | Artist Statement

    CONNECTIONHow often do we look at someone, truly look at someone?To look deep into someone's eyes and truly see them can be difficult and intimidating for either person, but a very powerful thing.The…

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